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Lymphatic Drainage Studio

BODYROLL is the most effective, non-invasive method for cellulite reduction. It is also highly effective in weight loss, muscle recovery and lymphatic drainage. While the massage aspect feels wonderful, the technology is breaking down fatty tissues that lead to cellulite and dimpled skin.


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First Time Client Offer

Purchase a package on your first visit at any one of our branches and get your first session free. Packages included in this offer are the 5 session package and 10 session package only. Promo does not include packages on special.


Real beauty is health beauty...

Hi there!  My name is Annely and, as a mother of three,  I know lots of moms can relate to the issue of annoying cellulite or that little bit of weight that you just can't shake.

Or what about relaxation or stress reduction?  After a long flight or stressful day, I'm always craving a massage.  But I can just never seem to find the time between work and school runs. Besides - in COVID times is it even safe?


I became aware of BodyRoll several years ago during a Summer visit to Estonia, where I'm from.  It was introduced as a weight-loss product.  I quickly realized it is so much more. 


BODYROLL uses infrared technology to detoxify your body.  The infrared radiation hidden inside the machines widens blood vessels and helps remove toxins from the body by penetrating deeper layers of the skin.  This also reduces cellulite and smoothes the skin.


As a weight-loss, detoxification and beauty device, BodyRoll is one of the most exciting fitness technologies I've ever come across.  I'm passionate about health and beauty.  BodyRoll is going to redefine fitness for women like me.  Try it and see if you don't agree.


To your Health and Beauty,



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