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5 signs your lymphatic system is congested


Are you feeling a bit unmotivated or perhaps fatigued. If this is you, well no need to worry because we got you. A Lot of people tend to feel this way and never understand why.

The lymphatic system is the sewerage drainage of the body and if that is not moving as it should one will face a lot of discomfort in different areas of the body.

Unfortunately in modern society the vast majority of people think that a lymphatic drainage massage is not important. Well, sorry to bust your bubble but your body thrives on this. At Body roll Claremont we focus on all things lymphatic drainage. Our BODYROLL massages are built to provide the ultimate full body deep tissue massage. An experience of a lifetime.

But how do you know that its time for a lymph drainage? One should never have to wait until a lymphatic drainage massage is owed to the body. That is never fun. Below we are going to discuss the 5 signs of a congested lymphatic system. Take note:

Lymphatic drainage and infrared sauna in Claremont
Bodyroll Claremont

Sign your lymph system is congested:

  • Digestive problems

The lymphatic system is responsible for draining all the toxins and waste in your body. It is often referred to as the sewerage system. To simplify, if a sewerage system does not drain anything out as it should it creates a built up. When your lymph system is congested you will feel more constipated or blotted in the tummy area.

  • Chronic fatigue

When lymph does not drainage properly the body will create a toxin build up, therefore causing fatigue and many other symptoms.

  • Swollen lymph nodes

Clogged lymph drainage system can result in swollen lymph nodes, because lymph fluids can't drain. Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system which filters fluids from cells and is an important part of the immune system.

  • Brain fog

A clogged lymphatic system can cause brain fog or a feeling of mental exhaustion and confusion.

  • Pain and aches

Poor lymphatic drainage can cause varicose veins by causing fluids to accumulate in the veins, this changes the structure of the vein walls. This often lead to higher vein pressure and more fluid overflowing into the surrounding tissues.


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